Sunday, 29 June 2014

Saving for my travels

Since I was young i have been dreaming to travel around the World, the opportunity strikes up when I got a job offer in UK so I gladly accepts it. The first time a flown was a great experience Manila-Heathrow XH635922 flight 28/11/2011, I can still remember oh thanks for my scrapbook. And that was it ever since I have been travelling different countries with friends, the only hold back was the schedules with friends to organise trips. But this didn't restrained me from travelling coz I discovered Solo Travelling the best thing I have ever done, I just need a holiday from work, book a flights/accommodations, pack my bag & camera and I'm off to my gallivant. 

I think I was born to travel, I got itchy feet when I keep still in one place, I want to drive around and see new places. My friends and colleagues often asked me where I am heading again? My little steps to my Globetrotting dreams is  starting to come true, I am a Part Time  Traveller. How will I fund my travels? Thats the biggest question? I got a full time job so 100% of travel cost will comes from it. The word SAVE/ SAVINGS  is a great help.

1. I normally saves a couple of pounds 
    every payday to my allocated travel     
    savings account.
2. Im a shopaholic but I did cut down my
    shopping spree time.
3. Online clothes & shoe shopping,
    I dont do it unless it's really necessary.
4. Comparing flights and accommodations
     before purchasing ofcourse the cheapest
5. Book trains  buses in advance its more
6.When travelling if I got contacts to that
    place a friends or relatives they usually
    accommodates me or theres couchsurfing
    but I havent tried it yet. Will surely try it
    one day.

These are easy and simple steps,  dont make your 9-5 job bore your life to death, start those little steps towards your Globetrotting Adventures, dont go wasting and waiting for the perfect time, NOW is the TIME. Happy Travelling guys and cheers to a great EXPERIENCE  waiting ahead of YOU...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bruges..... My Version

A day getting lost
  In the intertwined
Cobbled stone alleys
  Its magnificent old building roof's
Like a stairways to heaven

What a great experience
   Enjoying the quirky shops
A truly wonderful time spent
  But a day tour isn't enough
To  immerse in the beauty of Bruges.

By Anneklien

Friday, 27 June 2014

Call me a Traveller

Im not a Backpacker and I don't even own a own a backpack.... Some people will raise their eyebrows with this statement, oops dont call me hypocrite,Dont get me wrong I've known people who do backpacking, bragging about their adventure, meeting people and locals, a guy once told me I should try backpacking. Backpacking for me is congruent to hostels. Throughout my travelling I've never tried hostels, I'm not against hostel or anything but no single soul has convince me yet to try, but who knows maybe one day. Most of the time I stayed on hotels, B&b and recent discovery was the airbnb and would love to try couchsurfing too. It doesnt mean if im not a backpacker I won't experience the culture, food and meeting the locals, and enjoy exploring new places and its  unbeaten path, I will experience the same things coz I'm a Traveller. My experience with airbnb was unforgettable, speaking of meeting the locals this is the best adventure being accommodated by local people in the comfort of  their own home and with their first hand  tips where to go and what to see, sometimes they volunteer to tour you around and even cook you a local dish nothing is more authentic than this experience. 
I'm not stereotyping but I'm not a Backpacker I'm a Traveller. What are you ?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Solo Travelling..... Finding myself once again

I love travelling, who doesn't ? I've been travelling since I was young with my family, even just a short drive to visit relatives in neighboring town. The longest bus ride I remember was from Vigan Ilocos Sur to Manila, its 7 hours journey. As I grew older been travelling with my friends. Those journeys with families and friends the laughter's and jokes shared are treasured memories. Just recently I discovered Solo Travelling, the thought at first gives me doubts if I do try it or not, I was totally sceptical about it.
One day I was browsing the net looking for inspirations to do for my birthday week. I came across a blog about Solo travelling after reading the blog, it totally inspired me. A day or two later I was booking myself for a one week getaway to Belgium on my own. I was nervous to click the button to buy the ticket, I took a deep breath and I click it anyway, after that I felt I surge of excitement, I was searching for accommodations, things to do-see, and day trips. That was it I was beaten by the Travel Bug as they say. 
Before I  kept on telling to myself I want to see the World, I have travelled with friends to Italy, Paris , Amsterdam, Singapore, Barcelona, Canada, Hongkong, Switzerland, and Prague. 
This time Travelling Solo is completely different I came out in my bubble wrapped cocoon, feeling vulnerable at first. Wandering to a new place on my own, equip with online research, bloggers advise about the place and my camera, I'm determined to start my wonderful journey. I wasn't disappointed to myself, the feeling of freedom to wander and savour the beauty of a new place, their culture , to taste their famous delicacies and food, mingling with the local  and with other travellers, exchanging ideas, interest and future travel plans. 
My reason to travel is not to getaway with my daily routine or run away from people in my life, but finding out what the Universe has got to offer in the other side of the sphere.I'm not halfway there yet but I'm getting there, with a Travelling Buddy or Solo Travelling I am determined I'll get there one day .....
What about you, what's your reason to travel? Are you running away from your past or you current life situation ?  You'll never find true happiness if you keep running away, don't be a coward face it and be brave.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bewdley....An Afternoon in Poppy Fields

I have been planning to go driving around Bewdley to capture the beautiful field carpeted by majestic Poppies. Its the time of the year the poppies are in bloom. I mentioned to Paul and he wanted to come with me. So after his work we headed off to Bewdley. As we were approaching the Blackstone Farm Field I have spoted a hill that looks like its laid with  red carpet, I was in an awe to see up close with this spectacular field full of poppies. Im a nature lover,  I love flower I had pictures with Buttercup's, Rapeseeds, Lavenders and this time the Poppies . What a wonderful day spent with someone special in a magnificent view like this. Even Paul admire the place how beautiful it  is,  he even take selfies lol. After lots of photos taken we followed a footpath  to the West and we went for a wander,  we came across a lovely old arch made with bricks and big block of stones, looks like an old train tracks.



After our short walk, Paul decided to drive through Bewdley City Center. We passed along a  stunning bridge, and spoted people sat along the river side Pubs having a nice drink. So we decided to stop by and walk along the cobbled pavement by the river side, we then stumbled along a nice Pub Restaurant. 
The Mug House Inn & Angry Chef Restaurant,  has a quirky decor inside, no wonder its called Mug House coz the ceiling by the bar is full of hanging Mugs.


We spoted a table outside, we  order our drinks, Paul had a pint of Beer and I had a fruity Cider. The view is just breathaking, river view and nice cold drink  with a good company  it's just perfect to spent a beautiful sunny afternoon. As we cheers our glass for more beautiful road trip like this.

A random road trip with Paul ended up an enjoyable evening well spent together.