Saturday, 30 August 2014

Highlights of my Norway Getaway

Norway is one place listed on my bucketlist to experience the fjords cruising in addition to that, experience  It's cultures, history, tradition, cuisine, explore the beautiful buildings structures, landscape, sculpture parks, museums and of course the beautiful Norwegian fjords  surrounded by tall mountains and glaciers during winter times. This country has lots to offer to a traveller enthusiasts like me, and I want to explore and experience first hand, take thousand of photos to share it with my friends and families. I have been asked couple of times WHY NORWAY?, and I answered back WHY NOT? Visiting Norway in July is a good time to do so, SUMMERTIME and it's the best place to spend summer with longer days to explore the country to enjoy the breathaking landscapes is just amazing experience for sure. Activites like day boat trips is hot list agenda to explore the magnificent views of the fjords. Travelling to Norway is a dream come true.

Norwegian Trolls


The most populous city and the Capital of Norway. It is regarded among the most expensive cities in the world to live in along side with London, Tokyo, Australia and more. But that doesnt bother me living in UK I'm accustomed already to high living standard , and besides you can always earn the money but exploring new places and experiencing great activities are priceless. Thats my personal philosophy while travelling.

Tour Bus

Opera House

Sculptured Park

Following the footsteps of the vikings, visiting the heritage center and as a nature lover myself enjoying the exceptional views of island garden  and the Viking Village is perfect  day out for the family.

A small  fishing village, oddly picturesque and laid back place to visit and have a relaxing time and just enjoying the seaview. 

The Island beach

View from the balcony

Bergen is one of the most popular tourist destination it is regards as the "Gateway to the Fjords". Stroll along Bryggen it is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hanseatic old wharf architecturally unique place, walking around admiring with its beautifully characteristic building, a painted wooden houses while exploring the rich cultural life it has to offer.  Explore Bryggen via narrow oassageways leading to the old warehouse. 

Sognefjord Area Bergen
Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway, Nærøyfjord the most widest and spectacular scenery and  is the only natural beauty included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It encompasses the longest, deepest,  narrowest and most beautiful fjords in the world. 

Flåm Flåmsbana railway experience, its the most scenic train route in Norway that attracts millions of tourist and locals alike. Watched the stunning waterfalls flowing dramatically down the steep mountain side, the magnificent views of the fjords, and mountains.

Hiking in Preikestolen

Norway has lots of hiking/ trekking trail, one of the famous is the Preikestolen, believe it or not im not a hiking fanatic but this adventure has gave me the adrenaline rush to try hiking, only for sole reason for the magnificent views at the peak. The 2 hours hike up and the trek was tiring but reaching the Pulpit Rock was so rewarding. magnificent view of the fjords, mountains and lakes is indescribable, plus a good hiking buddies makes it more enjoyable. My ultimate hiking in Preikestolen "The Pulpit Rock ".

The Pulpit Rock

My hiking buddies
Neneth, Annie and Joy

My Norwegian Adventure was amazingly memorable thank you to my wonderful friend Marie & Frode Hegerland for organising my itinerary, and accomodating me in their beautiful house and not to mention their scenic summer house in Skånevik with the most stunning sunset view.  To their beautiful kids Hanns my personal Norwegian teacher and Hanna (5 month old)  my youngest travelling buddy.

With the Hegerland Family

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Highlights of my Balkan Adventure

My Balkan Adventure was influenced by other bloggers, I was browsing blogs after blogs and the photos of Croatia is so inviting. My urge to travel Croatia increased when I saw an up loaded photo of Krka Falls.  The beautiful falls cascading down on the mountain side and to experience to swim was a bonus, that was it soon I was looking for flights and accommodation. I found a cheap flights from London Stansted to Zadar with Ryanair and I booked myself 3 hostels starting from Zadar - Šibenik - Split all in coastal area, more chance for me to explore Croatia through different cities and to visit beautiful buildings, places included in UNESCO heritage list which I knew Croatia has plenty to offer.


Zadar is the historical centre of Dalmatia,  it is on the Adriatic coast, and it is the Roman Diocese in Dalmatia. Starting from Zadar Old Town, you cant miss not to visit the cathedrals - visita Iglesia first stopped at the St. Donatus Church which is the largest pre Romanesque architectural building and the most impressive church in Dalmatia. On the grounds you'll find the Forum and stone artifacts scattered around which was damage overtime. The other famous is the Cathedral of St. Anastacia & Tower which is included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage. The climb up to the tower offers the best view overlooking around the Zadars Old town. A walked towards the bay area will lead you to the interesting Sun Salutation that emits lights at night and the Sea Organ a waves sounds pushes  through the pipes that produces low tone melodic sounds. 

St. Donatus Church

St.  Mary's Church

St. Anastacia & Tower

Zadars City Gate

Sea Organ

Sun Salutation


Šibenik is the oldest town in Croatia, which is located in Central Dalmatia where the Krka rivers flows freely into the Adriatic coast. A  stroll along the old town area you'll come across the Cathedral of St.James which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list it is the central church in Šibenik, it was built in both Gothic and Renaissance style. The St. Michaels Fortress is found in the pyramidal hill just above the old town, it is the best place to go overlooking the old town and the Adriatic coast. A day trip to Krka National Park is a must when in Šibenik, the Skradinski buk is the most beautiful part, the waterfall creates natural pool that flows freely along the Krka river, visitors can enjoy a swim or paddle in this area,  I personally recommend this activity for all visitors aside from a good walking/ hiking trail around the national park.

St. Michael Cathedral

St. Michael Fortress


Krka  Falls


Split is the second oldest and largest city of Croatia and Dalmatia Region.  It is located on the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea along Marjan peninsula and it is where the Palace of Diocletian's Emperor was built. Aside from getting around the old town, a short trek to the Marjan hill is highly recommended for an overlooking view of the old town and the beautiful coast. 


The Palace

Reenactment of the Roman Emperor

Marjan hill 

View from the hill

Croatia is so beautiful, starting from the beautiful weather, stunning beaches, magnificent building structures, the list goes on. A place that has so much to offer from culture, to food and gorgeous views surely one day I'am coming back for more.